The War on Drugs on KEXP

Good stuff! I wish I had seen them at the Troubadour or the Casbah last week.

Jack White - "High Ball Stepper"

This better not end up being an April Fools' joke. Jack White released a new single from his new album LAZARETTO to be released June 10th. It's an instrumental bombshell featuring fuzzy guitar, tinny piano, and psychedelic organ that is vintage Jack White. Check out the video below and read about the new album here.

Listen to the New Black Keys Single 'Fever'

The Black Keys are proving to be very prolific songwriters. Their new album "Turn Blue," co-produced by Danger Mouse, is coming in May and the also just released the first single "Fever" on their website. The song isn't as instantly catchy as past efforts like "Lonely Boy" or "Howlin' For You" but it still has that distinctive Black Keys groove along with a bigger emphasis on organs and a fuller sound than in the past. It'll be interesting to see how the rest of the album sounds and if it'll be less bluesy and more psychedelic than we're used to hearing from them.

New Album from The War on Drugs

When I first heard "Slave Ambient" by The War on Drugs, it blew me away. You'd be hard pressed to categorize it under any one genre. So you can imagine how excited I am now that the new album, "Lost in the Dream" is out. The initial reviews are overwhelmingly positive (Pitchfork, Aquarium Drunkard, and the A.V. Club are all raving about it) and rather than repeat what they've already said, I'll just agree with them wholeheartedly. But I will add that these guys are capable of making an album the way an album should be made. It all flows together and the whole is definitely bigger than the sum of the parts. The mood, landscape, feel, or whatever you want to call it that they create is completely unique. My favorite track so far is "Eyes to the Wind" but you really can't go wrong with any of them.

You can check download the track "Red Eyes" and check out the video for it below:

Grilled Ribeye Roast

grilled ribeye roast

They had some great deals on ribeye roasts so I had to pick one up. Armed with a Stone IPA and a yellow pepper from the garden, I got started. I removed the bones and added them to an aluminum pan with onions, carrots, herbs, red wine, garlic, and water and put it below the roast to catch the juices to make a nice au jus:
Then I tied the roast up and seasoned with a blend of steak seasons and oiled liberally. Put it on the grill with some hickory in the smoker box to give it a little extra flavor. I pulled it at around 130 degrees and put in in the oven to rest. I took the stuff from the aluminum pan and strained it into a pot on the stove to reduce. Came out amazing!

Lundy Lake - Lee Vining

The view of Lundy Lake taken from the backside of the lake on the way up to the old May Lundy Mine and Lake Oneida in the High Sierras. It's a great day hike that offers fun fishing and some cool old ghost town ruins to check out.

JJ Grey & Mofro - This River Video

Recently I found out about JJ Grey & Mofro after hearing their amazing song Lochloosa in one of my Pandora or Spotify playlists. I was surprised I hadn't heard of him before - he's got that blues, funk, southern rock thing with a full-on classic soul voice. Ironically, a few weeks after I started listening to him I was watching an old "Jeff Corwin Experience" (one of my 4-year old's favorite shows) and JJ Grey was a guest on it. I remember watching the episode when it first came out (it used to be one of my favorite shows as well) but I just figured he was a buddy of Corwin's, not a "real" musician or anything. Anyway, he's got a new album and video out - featuring Danny Aiello of all people. It's a bit heavy handed, but still a great song and it showcases his voice nicely.

Listen to the New The Night Marchers - All Hits

First Rocket from the Crypt announces a European tour and now we have a new song from The Night Marchers - it's been a good week.

Listen to Nick Cave's New Single - "We No Who U R"

The first track from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' new album, Push the Sky Away, is now streaming on  Rolling Stone. The song "We No Who U R" is a mellow ballad with an "Abbattoir Blues" feel to it. A definite  change in direction from Dig Lazarus Dig! which is a good thing for me, and hopefully a good sign for the album. The song also has a flute in it, something I can't think of any other Bad Seeds song having in the past.