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I first came across Slim Cessna’s Auto Club a few years ago while browsing a Nick Cave forum and read a post asking for suggestions of music similar to 16 Horsepower. I had seen 16 Horsepower open up for Nick Cave once and good old Iron Balls gave me one of their CDs and I dug it, so I figured I’d give Slim Cessna’s a try – good choice on my part! I haven’t had a lot of success convincing a ton of people of the greatness of this band, but it hasn’t stopped me from trying. They’re part gospel, part country, part goth, and part rock & roll, which all adds up to some very original and addictive music. I've yet to catch them live, and with a baby coming any day now probably won't be seeing them anytime soon, but their live album Jesus Let Me Down sounds like they're very tight live - the hallmark of a good band in my opinion. Give 'em a listen - you'll dig it!

Thorny Crown
This is How We Do Things in the Country (Live)
He Roger Williams

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