It's Bob Log III Time!

I don't know how I came across Bob Log III, and I'm not sure if it was a good thing I did, but he is just someone you gotta share with others. He's a one man band who wears a space helmet and sings through a telephone. Seriously. I am not making this up. His music is Mojo Nixon-esque, if Mojo was also doing Skid Roper's part while playing guitar, if that makes sense. With song titles like Clap Your Tits, Boob Scotch, and Wag Your Tail Like A Dog In Back Of A Truck, you can tell he's right up there with Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan as a lyricist (that was sarcasm for those who are a bit slow). But then - every song doesn't have to be serious. For those who are interested - here's his video for his song Boob Scotch, but be warned there are boobs - and scotch.

For those who want to add some Bob Log to their iPod - here you go:
Log Bomb MP3

For those who want to see the man live - he is going on tour!

08/12/ 07 Phoenix, AZ
08 /17/07 Monte Vista, Flagstaff AZ
08/ 18/07 Plush Tucson AZ
Tue 9/11/07 Spaceland Los Angeles CA
Wed 9/12/07 Hemlock Tavern San Francisco CA
Thu 9/13/07 Satellite Lounge Reno NV
Fri 9/14/07 Urban Lounge Salt Lake City UT
Sat 9/15/07 Monolith Festival-2nd Stage Upper Terrace Morrison CO
Sun 9/16/07 Record Bar Kansas City MO
Mon 9/17/07 Waiting Room Omaha NE
Tue 9/18/07 Beat Kitchen Chicago IL
Wed 9/19/07 Lager house Detroit MI
Thu 9/20/07 Beachland Tavern Cleveland OH
Fri 9/21/07 The Andy Warhol Museum Pittsburgh PA
Sat 9/22/07 Call the Office London ON
Sun 9/23/07 Lee’s Palace Toronto ON
Mon 9/24/07 Starlight Club Waterloo ON
Tue 9/25/07 Vinyl Guelph ON
Wed 9/26/07 Barrymore’s Music Hall Ottawa ON
Thu 9/27/07 Club Metronome Burlington VT
Fri 9/28/07 Harper’s Ferry Boston MA
Sat 9/29/07 Cafe Nine New Haven CT
Sun 9/30/07 Bowery Ballroom New York NY
Mon 10/1/07 The Red and Black Bar Washington DC
Tue 10/2/07 Outback Lodge Charlottesville VA
Wed 10/3/07 Pilot Light Knoxville TN
Thu 10/4/07 Hi Tone Memphis TN
Fri 10/5/07 Downtown Music Little Rock AR
Sat 10/6/07 66 Bowl Oklahoma City OK

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  1. is he going to make his own record? people do all sort of things to catch the attention.. well, if it works, why not? i hope the microphone will not stuck at his helmet... definitely he can't do head banging.... or he can... to the wall...