The Low and Sweet Orchestra

This short lived, but great band, was a one of a kind mix of people and genres. You had Dermot and Kieran Mulroney (who were both in Career Opportunities the movie that introduced me to Jennifer Connelly and changed my life), James Fearnly from the Pogues, Mike Martt from Thelonius Monster, and Zander Schloss from Thelonius Monster and the Circle Jerks. I was lucky enough to see them once at The Coach House and once at The Foothill - a classy joint that picked up where Bogart's left off in Long Beach.

Their music was a mix of celtic, rock, punk, country, and sea shanties, and their one album - Goodbye to All That - is long gone. You can probably get used copies on the net somewhere. Here are a couple of tracks off of it -
Dirty Freddy Johnson - MP3

Pencils and Shades - MP3

The band didn't last long before breaking up. Since then Thelonious Monster has gotten back together, and some of the other guys started a new band called Cranky George.

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