Miles Davis Monday

I am not a jazz expert. I can't tell you who played what instrument on what recording or argue the nuances of different jazz styles, but I do like jazz so I thought I'd start with two of the greats - Miles Davis and John Coltrane playing So What:

One of my first jazz albums (like a lot of people) was Kind of Blue my Davis, and I liked it right from the start. If you are at all interested in jazz, this is the best place to start. One of my other early albums was Giant Steps by Coltrane. It took me longer to "get" this album, but now it is another one of my favorites. From there I just picked up something here and there based on recommendations and realized the world of jazz music is HUGE! I thought collecting Rocket from the Crypt singles was tough, jazz is damn near impossible unless you got money to burn. I've been on a big Cannonball Adderley kick lately and will probably have a post all about him soon - because you know you're cool if you can play with Kwai Chang Caine:

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  1. i love it
    i loveeee milesss davis!!