Punk Meets Country II

I don't think many or any have heard of Speedbuggy, but I guess that is the point. Believe it or not my first exposure to them was through the now defunct David Borbon, a.k.a The Flake II. (Laguna being Flake I). That being said, these guys KICK ASS. At least their original carnation did when I saw them live back in the day at The Doll Hut. The original line up featured ex-NOFX guitarist Steve Kidwilder, bassist Brady Sloan, Pat Munzingo on drums, and Timbo on vocals and guitar. Greg "Elroy" Mc Mullen has replaced Steve, but I don't think they haven't skipped a beat. Check out All Tore Up, (got a little Jerry Lee goin' on), Grand Theft Omaha, and Movin On, from "Grand Theft Omaha", which as far as I know is out of print and unavailable.

Yet to come...The knitters.


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