Punk meets country.

It appears over the past few years that some of our favorite punk icons such as Mike Ness, Eddie Spaghetti, and Greg Graffin have embraced their country roots and released solo albums.

Mike Ness has released two albums - Cheating at Solitaire and Under the Influences. Going country wasn't much of a stretch for him, and since he IS Social Distortion, I don't see why he just didn't do a Social D country album. He has been going in that direction since Prison Bound anyway. Here are some song clips from the two albums:

Don't Think Twice

Ball and Chain

Eddie Spaghetti from the Supersuckers has also released two solo albums, The Sauce and Old No. 2. His stuff is my favorite of the three and feels more natural.
I Don't Wanna Know MP3

Greg Graffin from Bad Religion was the one I wasn't expecting to do a roots record, but it's damn good. Cold as the Clay is darker than the other guys' stuff but not as hard either. Go to his page here and you can download two MP3s from the album.


  1. Hey Salty,

    What's with hitting off the tee?

  2. You betta take yo ass to the store wit dat!

  3. I very much love when punk mixes with country. I actually have friends whose favorite genres are punk, country, and rockabilly. They are meant to mix.

    Thanks for the awesome blog, keep it up!