The Veils are rocking my world.

In my efforts to see how popular we're getting here at Squidmonk Music I was doing a little searching around the Internet and came across for a review of The Veils. They were described as a darker Hold Steady - which got my attention. After giving them a listen, I decided they are my new favorite band (sorry Alabama 3). I've bought their songs off iTunes, I've downloaded some live stuff, and I've read a bunch or reviews - most of which agree with me that their album Nux Vomica is the best of 2007. In the reviews I've read they have been compared to The Hold Steady, Nick Cave, Jeff Buckley, The White Stripes, Echo and the Bunnymen, Frank Black, to name a few. Not too bad a list to be mentioned with. So seriously, check them out - you won't be disappointed.

SIXEYES MP3 Blog has a ton of Veils mp3s here to listen to, just scroll down, with my favorite being Jesus for the Jugular - Nick Cave fans definitely should give it a listen.

Other mp3s:
Not Yet (Live) From KEXP's blog.
Advice for Young Mothers To Be From Pitchfork's review
Here's a video for Calliope! Don't let the first few "pop" sounding chords fool you, once the piano kicks in you'll be hooooked!!

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