Big John Bates

Today's band was recommended by one of our foreign correspondents from the great province of Manitoba. Squidmonk Music is international!

The band - Big John Bates from Beautiful British Columbia. Basically, if you like The Reverend Horton Heat, Tiger Army, or any pyschobilly/rockabilly type bands, the I guarantee you will like these guys. Simple as that. They have a bit more surf and exotica to their songs, which I like because let's face it - rockabilly gets boring. It is like ska - the same beat and the same sound over and over. The good thing with these guys is they mix it up and do a good job of it. I only have one of their albums, Mystiki and it has been on regular rotation since arriving from the great white north. I'm definitely going to pick up his newer one Take Your Medicine ASAP.

You can listen to some of their songs on their Myspace page here. You can also get some MP3s from their website:
A cover of Tainted Love
Aren't You Pretty (Organ Mix)

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