Not on my iPod

It was recently reported that AC/DC has finally made available its entire catalogue for downloadings. Still no one cares. Could be that they signed an exclusive deal with Verizon instead of iTunes. Or, it could be that they are only selling entire albums at $12 each; no singles will be sold. Or, it's the fact that AC/DC should never have recorded even one album in the first place as they are a one trick pony kind of band and their schtick was tired after the first 10 seconds of the first track.

I'm shocked this was reported as news and I'm only bringing AC/DC up in this blog to point out what hasn't been said in any of the articles.

Some other rock acts that will never be in my collection:
1. Van Halen Sure Eddie can play a great guitar but there's a problem when the line up changes are more interesting than the music. Not that there's much to the music except some guitar riffs under vocals from a no talent, tin eared singer.
2. Judas Priest If it weren't for Mike Judge, no one would even know 'Breakin' the Law." Sad.
3. Led Zeppelin I'm sure most will take exception to my dislike of Zeppelin but it needs to be said. A group of English hippies redefining American blues has been done better by the Bluesbreakers and Cream. And neither of those bands displayed the pretention that oozes out of every Zeppelin tune.

I post this without malice. Just telling it how it is. And that's what you gotta do when you got Iron Balls.

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  1. Now you're just trying to stir the pot! I have Led Zepplin on my ipod...