The worst music list ever.

I already thought the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was an absolute joke, but now they come out with a list of the "Definitive 200" rock and roll albums "that every music lover should own" and prove not only that they're a joke - but they have real shitty taste in music. It is bad enough that artists such as Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, and even Neil Diamond are not in the Hall of Fame but Bob Seger, Bonnie Raitt, and Jackson Browne all are, but now to tell us that London Calling by The Clash is album #96 but Linkin "We Really Suck" Park's Hybrid Theory is #84 is just too much! Now I know these lists are all about just stirring up discussion, but at least with other lists there were at least shreds of credibility, this one is so god-awful it defies logic. Hell, the #7 album is Tapestry by Carole King! A top 200 album? Maybe - but #7? Not a chance in hell! Here are some other beauties:

#21 SHANIA TWAIN – COME ON OVER (20 spots higher than Are You Experienced by Hendrix)
#28 EMINEM – MARSHALL MATHERS LP (11 spots higher than The White Album by the Beatles)
#95 CREED – HUMAN CLAY (17 spots higher than Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel)
#97 CELINE DION – FALLING INTO YOU (50 spots higher than Elvis Presley's debut album!!!)

Number of albums by The Dixie Chicks on the list - 3
Number of albums by James Brown, The Who, Creedence, Sly and the Family Stone, The Ramones, The Replacements, Hank Williams, or The Byrds - 0

Anybody responsible for creating this list should be locked in a room and forced to listen to nothing by Celine Dion doing Linkin Park covers 24 hours a day.

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