Drive-By Truckers

Thanks to Dr. Jones, I recently got to hear these guys and I gotta say I'm pissed off I've missed out on them for so damn long! I can't stop listening to them. I thought from the name they would be kinda cheesy, but they are definitely legit. If you like Steve Earle, Uncle Tupelo, Skynard (but in a good way), North Mississippi All-Stars, etc. you will dig these guys. Some of it flat out rocks, some is more laid back acoustic, and some is straight ahead country. But not a Toby Keith type crap country.

Check 'em out:
Putting People on the Moon - MP3


  1. Doh, jacked again. Guess I need to start doing a better/quicker job of posting.

    I told that these guys rock and that you'd dig 'em.

  2. I'm quick like that.