How Indie 103 Rocks

So a couple of days ago I'm listening to KROQ on the way to work and their tag line of "Today's New Rock" was followed by Rage Against the Machine's "Bullet in the Head." I have nothing against Rage Against the Machine but that song is anything but new. It's 13 years old.

This got me to thinking why I prefer Indie 103 to any other commercial station out there. Sure, they play Rage. But, they don't advertise themselves as "Today's New Rock." They play a pretty good mix of alternative music, the DJs don't try to be 20 something hipsters, and the shows they sponsor are pretty good. So, here's my Top 5 reasons how Indie 103 rocks.

1. Steve Jones in the afternoon. I hate this DJ. He goes on about nothing for two hours everyday then gets half a show replayed in the evening. Everyday, he plays some kind of 70s glam rock. But, the thing is management lets him and everyother DJ play/say what they want. Joe Escalante plays a Smiths or Morrissey track everyday which makes sense because he's in a Smiths tribute band. Henry Rollins will play some wacky punk shit from the early 80s after going off on Bush for 10 minutes. Sometimes the music blows and sometimes you hear something you never would have heard of otherwise. But, you never hear a DJ going apeshit because they are 'introducing' the latest from The Killers or some other alt rock band that every other station is already playing.

2. Wino Wednesday. The morning show features a somallier and a couple bottles of wine every Wednesday. And it doesn't come off as pretentious. But, it's not always wine. A couple months back they featured a Korean grocer and Cisco, Boones, and the like. Prior to that were shows about vodka and sake.

3. Requests. The DJs take requests. Real requests. You ever notice how most people that request music always request the most popular songs? It doesn't make sense. Does that guy listening to KROQ really want to request the new Chili Peppers song that's already in heavy rotation? How about the guy that calls the oldies station and requests "Satisfaction?' WTF? I've requested Rocket from the Crypt. And they played it. The Salty Dog requested Suburban Rhythm. And they played it.

4. Sports with Timothy Olyphant. He reads the sports for the morning show. He calls it in from his house or from where ever he's shooting his latest movie. Last week, he called half asleep and didn't know who played, won or otherwise. But, being in Winnipeg, he did give a report on the Bombers (CFL). He doesn't talk movies or drop names. He only does sports. He comes across as a cool guy that happens to be an A List actor. Somebody you'd want your favorite musician to be like.

5. Linkin Park. To my knowledge, this band has never been played, nor will it ever be played, on this station.

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