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Been a while I know but some new stuff out there thought you all may dig...

Another Swedish import... Miss Li has some of the catchiest tunes out there. Her influences are many and her sound is unique. Check out some videos and streaming audio on her MySpace page. Don't listen to Oh Boy unless you want it in your head for the next 5-6 WEEKS. Playing at the HOB Los Angeles on April 28.

Also from across the pond is Frank Turner. Some really funny, bitter and intelligent songs from this Englishman. If I had to compare I would say he's similar to Steve Poltz in song composition but his view of love and life is even more askew. Askewer? Kabobs? I digress. Check out some videos and streaming audio on his MySpace page. The Ballad of Me and My Friends is probably one of my faves. Playing at the HOB Los Angeles on April 29.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds WILL be at the Hollywood Bowl on Wednesday, September 17. Tickets go on sale May 10. If you're looking to fit in with the crowd, maybe a good day to start soaking your clothes in patchouli. Or, or just bathe in it for a couple weeks prior to the show.

Speaking of filthy hippies, The Polyphonic Spree has a new video for "We Crawl." The concept for the video was this: Each member of the band got a camera to film themselves doing regular stuff while singing this song. An editor's nightmare no doubt but I really expected more psychadelic crazy shit from theTexas menagerie.

Iron Balls out.

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