Good Nick Cave interview

Pitchfork Interview
Check it out. A good interview with Nick about the new album, Grinderman, being inducted into the Australian Hall of Fame, and more.
Nick Cave: Yes, that's another thing that's happened because of Grinderman. Grinderman embraced a lot of that stuff. Maybe it had something to do with Blixa [Bargeld] leaving the Bad Seeds too, I don't know. Blixa had an absolute disdain for anything like that, anything that was kind of conventional in terms of rock and roll. His whole approach to music was just different from that. With Blixa leaving, I think that Warren moved forward a little bit more. And he loves rock and roll, although he approaches it in a unique way as well. I think that came out in Grinderman, and there are elements of that that have come through to this record.

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