John Reis puts the band back together - no not RFTC!

According to the OCWeekly Reis and the Hot Snakes have reunited (I thought they did that a while ago) and are playing at Alex's Bar tonight. The last time I went to Alex's bar was to see The Sultans, my second favorite band that Reis is in after Rocket from the Crypt, and it was a helluva show. I'm skipping this show as I just never could get all that into the Hot Snakes, but even so you know it's gonna be good. When talking about whether Rocket would reunite, Reis said something I wish more bands would take to heart:
"It's quite a commitment that needs to be invested in for it to be any good, and I don't know that I want to put that much energy into something I already did better than I can do right now."
I wish more bands from the past felt that way.
Hot Snakes Audit in Progress

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