Steve Albini on Why He Hates Jazz

Legendary music recording engineer Steve Albini gave redditors the chance to ask him anything, and while it is fascinating to read all the questions, I thought this was worth sharing. As someone who likes jazz, I don't agree with Albini, but I find his reasoning for hating jazz interesting:

"Because it sucks and I'm tired of hearing about it. Believe me I've tried. I just hate the parts I hate about it more than I like the little things there are to like. The batting average is just so low I can't bear the dead time between highlights being filled with all that noodling. It's vain music."  

Having recorded bands such as John Spencer Blues Explosion and Jesus Lizard, you'd think he'd have more appreciation for jazz. Afterall, getting through some of John Spencer's work can take as much patience as getting through some of Charles Mingus' stuff.

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