Is Rocket from the Crypt Coming Back in 2013?

This image was posted on RFTC's Facebook page last week:
Since then, the page has posted links to a number of articles about what it could mean:

Rocket from the Crypt Hint at 2013 Reunion
Rocket from the Crypt reunites?
Rocket From the Crypt are up to something

Of course the band got together to do an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba a while back, so anything is possible.  However my money is on the release of a new All Systems Go. It has been rumored that the 4th installment has been coming since 2008 so it seems more likely. In a perfect world it will be an All Systems Go 4 release along with a tour to support it. Normally I am against all band reunions and all that nostalgia crap (Pixies, Soundgarden, etc.) but if anyone can pull it off without being a cheesy caricature of itself, it's Rocket.

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