JJ Grey & Mofro - This River Video

Recently I found out about JJ Grey & Mofro after hearing their amazing song Lochloosa in one of my Pandora or Spotify playlists. I was surprised I hadn't heard of him before - he's got that blues, funk, southern rock thing with a full-on classic soul voice. Ironically, a few weeks after I started listening to him I was watching an old "Jeff Corwin Experience" (one of my 4-year old's favorite shows) and JJ Grey was a guest on it. I remember watching the episode when it first came out (it used to be one of my favorite shows as well) but I just figured he was a buddy of Corwin's, not a "real" musician or anything. Anyway, he's got a new album and video out - featuring Danny Aiello of all people. It's a bit heavy handed, but still a great song and it showcases his voice nicely.

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